Friday Planning

As part of my journey to the world of “housewife-ing”, I will try my hand at meal planning.  I sort of did meal planning before but more like making something really easy for supper, re-heating frozen Trader Joe’s meals, and eating leftovers.  My poor kids… I am glad they never complained.  So now that we are a family of 6, I should at least try to plan ahead (and not the day of) the meals for the week.  I thought that since it is Friday, it is the best time to search for ideas so that we can be prepared for it before the new school week starts.

The meals that I need to prepare must taste really good, healthy, and easy.  I am thankful that the children (but my youngest son) are somehow open to trying things because I usually would also incorporate Filipino dishes into the repertoire.

With that being said, thinking of what to make is the challenge.  There are thousands of recipes out there but the process of choosing can be a little daunting… to me at least.  When I go through some of the blogs and websites of other mommas out there, I feel so jealous how they come up with such good looking meals!  It’s like gourmet meals every single day of the week.  Who knows… maybe I would discover my knack at this.  I’m not as bad as I make myself sound… I know the basics of cooking (thanks to my mom and Mg. Gie) and I am not afraid to try but I guess I never really had time before to explore this craft.  Now is the time…


My husband makes this for his kids before and as per request, I will try to make this for them.  I don’t know where he got his recipe but I found one from!  I am excited to try it.

Easy French Dip Sandwiches! A perfect family dinner that's easy enough for a weeknight!
Looks good! Here’s the link to the recipe.


While browsing through Facebook, I saw an article on NY Times on Adobo-Fried Chicken. Everybody already loves adobo (A Filipino dish) and you can never go wrong with fried chicken, so I might just try this on Monday!  I’ll make steamed rice to go with it.

Click here for the recipe!

Wednesday  – I usually don’t cook on Wednesday because the kids have church activities which includes supper.  So,  if there are any leftovers from the past two days… that’s what me and the husband eats!


Since I came across the website of Karly’s website at, I went ahead and looked for my next supper idea…. I stumbled upon this dish and decided that this will be what I will make for Thursday.  The only thing I will change is instead of using pasta, I will use spaghetti squash.  I don’t know how this will change things but since my husband is into a low-carb diet, I’ll just trick the kids (more like the youngest one) into believing that the squash is spaghetti.  I’m sure they will like this.

Cheesy pasta that tastes like my favorite spinach artichoke dip!
Here’s the recipe!


Okay, so I just came up with that combination.  Kids like pork chops and mashed potatoes. My husband and I will skip that potatoes and eat lots of string beans with it.  I will probably just marinate the pork chops in some soy sauce, lemon, salt & pepper concoction then bake it or pan fry it in olive oil.  Make the mashed potato like everybody does… butter, sour cream, salt, pepper, cheese, and milk.  And cook the string beans in a little water with garlic and salt.

I should really plan for Saturday and Sunday as well,  but sometimes things just comes up that it’s best to just wing it on those days! Or maybe let the husband worry about supper on weekends.

I will definitely let you know how this “planning” turns out and show you a semi-decent version/picture of how the food comes out.  I offer my apologies to the people who made this recipe because I know I won’t be able to make it look as good as you do!

**** This whole process of looking for what to make took me more than 3 hours to do!****



2 thoughts on “Friday Planning

  1. It takes me over an hour to make my weekly meal plan each week – not what I used to do at all, lol! I used to throw stuff together, but now I’m pretty organized. I made a slow cooker French dip a few weekends ago and it was amazing! ^_^


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