Weekend Reflections… JOY

As I think about the struggles I deal with because of all the changes and adjustments I am going through, I am amazed of the small little loving ways God has been speaking to me and reassuring me of His love and grace.  In Sunday School, we have been talking about JOY.  This made me reflect upon my own understanding of joy … I realized how deep, personal and truly spiritual it is.  We are bombarded each day by the world’s standards of joy… having things… the bigger the better… instant gratification… perfect families… perfect relationships… and it’s hard not to fall for that trap.  I think I struggle with that most times than not… but then I am reminded that joy is not found in superficial happiness.  Joy is personal, profound and deep.  It cannot be found from what we have, what we have accomplished or who we are in this word.  Joy can only be found inside of us… that regardless of the circumstances we are in… we still have it in our hearts.

I ask myself, do I have joy?

Yes… despite all the frustration, fears, uncertainty I feel… I’ve got the JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in my heart because as I have learned….

  1. I know God is working through me in whatever circumstance I’m in… this season in my life is being used by Him, somehow and someway and there’s a greater plan for me than I could ever think of or imagine.
  2. I know God is going to use me to exemplify Himself to others… someday… and I might not even know it.
  3. John 11:4 says, “It happened for the glory of God.  So that the Son of God will receive ALL glory.”  Things happen in our lives as an opportunity for us to honor God.  And the answer to our questions will come when He would be most glorified… IN HIS PERFECT TIME.
  4. I can have JOY despite of everything because…I know of His LOVE and GRACE freely given to me each day.
  5. Most importantly… because He has never failed me… OUR GOD NEVER FAILS.  I’ve been through so much in my life. I know for sure I can place my hope only in Him.  There is nothing I can do without Him.

We are going to face so many challenges in our lives.  I know I am going to face many more trials, set-backs and changes in my life.  They say there is only one thing constant in one’s life and that is change.  But I am re-assured regardless of that… there is one greater thing that is constant and unfailing… that is… we have a Father who is never changing… faithful… loving… gracious and ABLE to do all things we can’t.  The world may change… our circumstances may change… people around us may change… but I take Joy in the knowledge that He won’t.

That’s my true meaning of JOY…

Have a blessed week everyone!



One thought on “Weekend Reflections… JOY

  1. “I’ve got the JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY down in my heart” – YEs!! I sing this all the time (in my head, aloud, whichever!) ^_^ God is good. XO


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